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  • Learn ways to connect & improve relationships
  • Gain skills to reduce stress & burnout
  • Build self-confidence & feel more authentic
  • Share with others going through the same thing

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What is Neurodiversity School?

It’s not a school in the traditional sense of the word. Instead, Neurodiversity School is an eLearning community offering both online learning courses and forums for adults who identify as neurodivergent or autistic and their loved ones.

At Neurodiversity School, we want to help neurodivergent individuals live their best lives and support autism allies and parents. To do this we have created content that is designed to help you feel comfortable communicating with others, empowered to build successful relationships, and feel confident being your authentic self.

Our eLearning opportunities will be ever-growing in order to best serve our community of followers. Our online courses include videos, interactive learning tools, worksheets, podcasts, and books. Additionally, when you sign up for an eCourse you will be able to access an online community where you can chat with other neurodivergent individuals or autism parents. This gives you an opportunity to connect with people who share a similar identity and can understand the challenges you may be experiencing. It also gives you the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned in these courses in a safe and supportive environment.

Ultimately, the goal of Neurodiversity School is to be a safe online space where you will feel welcomed and supported as you practice positive self-growth.

Be Faithful to That Which
Exists Within Yourself,
André Gide.

Who is a Good Fit for
Neurodiversity School?

Our online courses are tailored to meet the unique needs of neurodivergent adults with autistic traits, and parents of youth or adults on the autism spectrum.

We have future plans to develop courses for other neurodivergent populations, neurotypical romantic partners in a relationship with an autistic individual, professionals who commonly work with neurodivergent individuals, educators, and more.

You might be a good fit for Neurodiversity School if you (or your child) have experienced some of the following difficulties:

How You’ve Been Treated

  • Told you "overreact"
  • Criticized or corrected a lot
  • Told you acted weird or bad
  • Misinterpreted negatively
  • Called “picky”, “difficult”, “sensitive”
  • Not listened to
  • Socially rejected
  • Bullied or traumatized
  • Pressured into things

How You Feel Inside

  • Misunderstood
  • Anxious or stressed
  • Lonely or isolated
  • Low self-esteem
  • Like you don’t fit in
  • Bad or depressed
  • Like an imposter
  • Feel sensory overload
  • Drained by social interactions

How You Act or Think

  • Hard on yourself
  • Avoid uncomfortable or new situations
  • Don’t know what to say and freeze up
  • Shut down during conflict
  • Misread social cues
  • Think you are broken or defective
  • Tend to worry a lot
  • Think over & over about what you should’ve said
  • Unintentionally hurt people’s feelings

Neurodiversity eCourses

Select amongst our eCourse options

eCourse 101

Intro to Self-Awareness & Self-Care

For Neurodivergent Individuals:

It's all too common for neurodivergent people to be invalidated growing up. You may have been criticized and told you were too sensitive, overreactive, difficult, selfish, rude, etc. It's hurtful and isolating to feel misunderstood. The more people misinterpreted you, the more you started to doubt yourself, your feelings, and your abilities. You might have started to feel confused and wondered what's wrong with you or felt shame about your identity. In an effort to not feel like an outcast, you may have adapted by trying to fit in or mask your autistic traits. However, frequently masking might cause you to feel drained or burnt out, and like a fraud. This eCourse provides you with alternatives to masking, so you can:

  • Feel more confident being your authentic self
  • Learn self-care tools to reduce stress and burnout
  • Feel more emotionally stable when challenges arise
  • Understand how avoiding feelings harms yourself and relationships
  • Have greater self-awareness and insight into your feelings
  • Gain communication tools that reduce misunderstandings

For Parents and Other Caregivers:

As a caregiver of a youth or adult on the autism spectrum, you may have felt lonely and like family or others didn’t understand your parenting challenges. You might have felt criticized for your parenting approach or been given advice not tailored for your unique child. Lacking support, you persisted. You kept trying to figure out how best to support your child. It’s painful to see your child struggling or to feel like they’re shutting you out or blaming you. It makes sense that these various life experiences would leave you with feelings of self-doubt, anxiety, parental guilt, frustration, or overwhelm. You deserve support! This eCourse provides you with tools and knowledge that

  • Help you stay centered when challenges arise with your child
  • Help you feel more confident when making parental decisions
  • Reduce conflict and increase connection with your child and others
  • Enhance self-compassion to better manage parental guilt
  • Reduce your stress and burnout through emotional self-care
  • Help you model healthy emotional expression to your child

eCourse 102

Self-Care Training

For Neurodivergent Individuals:

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*You must complete eCourse 101 before starting 102

For Parents and Other Caregivers:

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*You must complete eCourse 101 before starting 102

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A Message from Founder Dr. Tasha Oswald

"As a therapist and researcher, I have been working with neurodivergent individuals and their families for over 15 years. I founded and am currently seeing clients at my autism therapy practice, Open Doors Therapy, located in Palo Alto, CA. At Open Doors Therapy, I began to see the profound need for more accessible autism resources when people from all over the world started reaching out to me for support. This is ultimately what led me to create Neurodiversity School.

My hope is that Neurodiversity School will meet the needs of the global neurodivergent community by providing resources that adequately address their struggles. As this eLearning platform continues to grow and evolve, I hope you will always feel welcomed and appreciated for who you are. I hope that as you build more skills and belief in yourself, you will be able to lead a life that feels authentic and fulfilling. Ultimately, I hope you will be able to build and maintain the kinds of relationships you have always dreamed of.

As the founder of Neurodiversity School and a lifelong learner, I am always trying to grow and learn from the neurodivergent community about their pain points and how to best provide support. I welcome and encourage feedback and suggestions. I hope you will consider being a part of the growth of this powerful eLearning community!"

Dr. Tasha Oswald PhD
Founder of Neurodiversity School


Members of our community have been kind enough to share their experiences with Neurodiversity School.

It was so comforting to meet other parents with experiences like mine. It replenished my reservoirs of patience and love, and enabled me to go forward with renewed hope.

- Anonymous, Berkeley, CA

My husband and I very much benefitted from Dr. Tasha Oswald! Her lessons were presented with clarity, explaining the material while using slides to illustrate the content. In addition to the educational aspect, her expertise supported each one of us. This journey helped us become better communicators with our children, but also better with all of our relationships. Most importantly, we have become more thoughtful, patient, and compassionate. Thank you Tasha for being such a fantastic person and sharing your knowledge with others.

- D.B., Mountain View, CA

I learned a lot about myself and was able to connect with my feelings. I still practice what we learned on a daily basis. I appreciated the opportunity to heal some of the hurts I’ve experienced, allowing me to feel less burdened and more free.

- K.A., San Ramon, CA

You and your team completely changed the trajectory of my life. Every day I go into a job I never even DARED to apply for back when I was an undergrad — doing what I always dreamt of doing. I realize you “got” me in a way almost no other professional ever had. Your intervention lifted me out of an ocean of chaos into a life that matters.

-Male, 40, Autistic

Dr. Tasha Oswald’s work was life-changing for my daughter. She learned about herself, gained strategies for overcoming obstacles, and developed many meaningful relationships that she continues in today. She gained confidence to make friends and excel academically.

-Mother with 23-Year-Old Daughter with ASD


No! We welcome anyone who has been diagnosed with autism spectrum or self-identifies as being neurodivergent and their caregivers. We recognize that autism is largely misdiagnosed or underdiagnosed in women and adults with average to high IQs, and this is one of the main reasons why we feel so passionate about creating a space where individuals have access to support and learning opportunities without a formal diagnosis.

No. Neurodiversity is strictly an eLearning platform. We cannot offer you psychotherapy on this platform. If you are looking for therapy, please visit our resources page.

You have two options per course:

Option 1: Access all the course material at once without access to the online community. You will have access to the eCourse for 3 years.

Option 2: Receive one lesson per week across 12 weeks. You have access to the online community, and each week you will engage with community members online around sharing reflections and activities to practice skills. You will continue to have access to the eCourse for 3 years.

For a more detailed list of frequently asked questions,
please visit our FAQ for neurodivergent individuals, or for parents & caregivers.